Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ibagué, Colombia (tres)

Even though I dreamt about and planned this trip for months and months, sometimes I do just want to be back at home, sitting on my bed, engrossed in my laptop, with my parents listening to Radio 4 in the kitchen below me and my sis chatting on the phone to her friends in the room next door. This evening I've had to make do with just the laptop on my bed, but it has made me feel a little better, rediscovering my tumblr and perusing the blogs that I used to read whilst bored senseless at work. It took me back so much so that when I glanced out of the window and saw the Ibagueñan skyline I was momentarily confused as to where I was!

It has been a strange couple of days, with some major downs and not so many ups unfortunately. Still, it's nearly the weekend and this time we're off to Bogotá for the 30th anniversary celebration of ICYE Colombia, which should be a rollocking good time! I've decided that weekend trips away are the way forward and over the next few weeks I hope to visit Pereira, Armenia and anywhere else nearby that takes my fancy.

* * *

I watched Heavenly Creatures this evening (quite wonderful and disturbing), which of course led me to other Peter Jackson-led films and these...

I would really love to visit New Zealand again, it's been over six years since I travelled there!

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Gary Motteram said...

Probably a good time to go now they've won the rugby world cup.