Monday, July 11, 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina (siete)

I've moved from my flat in Palermo to a hostel in Centro, just off Av. 9 de Julio and although it's noisier and has less charm than my previous barrio, it's fun to be living in a new place and exploring a new area. My hostel (Limehouse) is a very short walk away from such famous landmarks as the Obelisco and the Congreso, and the markets of San Telmo are a saunter away, so I've had the pleasure of being able to check out all of these sights without getting on a bus or the Subte. The Teatro Colon is also close by and by coincidence some friends and I went to see the ballet Sleeping Beauty, there last Thursday. The Teatro is a beautiful building with stained glass, chandeliers and pillars everywhere and the ballet itself was also wonderful with excellent dancing and gorgeous costumes.

Friday was sunny and mild so I decided to walk down to Plaza del Congreso and enjoy the porteƱo past-time of drinking cafe con leche and eating alfajores before heading off to a gallery in San Telmo.

I also finally made it to La Boca this weekend, the colourful, slightly dodgy tourist area just south of central Buenos Aires.

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