Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina (tres)

I've been reading Outlaw Journalist and it's inspired me to hunch over my own set of keys and type out the ramblings I compose in my head whilst I'm walking or in bed, and try to get them into some semblance of order:

To start with I thought you might like to know that you can order ice cream over the phone here, and they will deliver it to your house or office or wherever you might be... I'll give you a minute whilst your mind boggles at the simple magnificence of this idea. On Thursday I bought quarter of a kilo of ice cream (in person, not delivered) - dulce con leche with brownies & chocolate with almonds and ate it all. It was AMAZING. Ice cream here is heavenly and you can buy all your standard cones, tubs, etc at your local Freddos or Munchi's but you can also buy quarters, halfs and whole kilos, where you pick what flavours you want combined.

I've been thinking and it's difficult to describe how Buenos Aires is different from any other international capital city. There's the language obviously, and perhaps the architecture, but Buenos Aires has a gridlike structure, an underground train system (the Subte) and large green spaces, much like New York or Tokyo (pretty smug about being able to personally compare these three great cities). Buenos Aires does have the biggest road that I've ever seen, the Avenida 9 de Julio which has like, 16 lanes of traffic and takes literally a minute to cross.

It's more the little things that make it different:
There's the constant aroma of cooking beef wafting out from all the parillas, which means that it smells like barbecue, all the time!
If you buy a bottled drink here from a kiosk they always give you a straw which is quite a nice touch.
They have professional dog walkers here, so you'll regularly see a man or woman walking loads of dogs all at once, which is pretty funny.

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