Sunday, May 22, 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina (uno)

So my first week in Buenos Aires has passed quickly, yet it feels like I´ve been here for longer than that. Apart from today (it´s been raining on and off all day) the weather has been lovely, with clear, blue skies and a warm, even temperature. The only bad thing I´ve noticed so far is the size and frequency of the dog turds on the pavements, which means you have to keep an eye on where you´re walking instead of on the city around you, which gets a little irritating.
That complaint aside, the food is cheap and delicious, the wine is good, and the city is beautiful. I´ve had a typically touristy first week: I´ve seen a tango show, been to a tango lesson, visited an art gallery, the Evita museum and the fascinating Recoleta cemetery. I´ve tried the two most famous (and most expensive) types of steak - bife de lomo and bife de chorizo, which are both heavenly - and I´ve had three different types of empanadas - carne, jamon y quesa, verdura.
My Spanish lessons are going quite well, I´m attending five lessons a week and it´s a great help as most people here don`t speak English or even try to, which is as it should be I guess. Still, my terrible Spanish means I`m struggling to make myself understood which can be frustrating.

A view of sunrise over the port of Buenos Aires from my 11th floor bedroom window:

The mausoleums of Recoleta:

Sunset in Buenos Aires from the 'Beautiful Bridge' in Recoleta:

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